First day of recordings of

First day of recordings of “The Heiress”

June 28 marks the beginning of the recordings of the new Plural / TVI production “A Herdeira”. The scenes on this first day were recorded in Valverde, but next week the team and some actors will go to Viana do Castelo, and later will also record in Galicia and Mexico.

“A Herdeira”, by Maria João Mira, will feature well known names like Alexandra Lencastre, Rita Pereira, Pedro Lamares, Paulo Pires, Jessica Athayde, Sofia Ribeiro, Lourenço Ortigão, Kelly Bailey among many others.

Although the weather was less favorable, the rain did not discourage the actors who were part of this first day of recordings, Kelly Bayley, who will play the character Luz Fuentes, and Pedro Hossi, in the character Tiburón, were very enthusiastic about the beginning of this Novel that promises to delight us all.