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As one of the biggest producers in the Portuguese and Spanish speaking world, through its know-how gained over 20 years of activity – more than 600 hours of fiction produced per year resulted in a portfolio of 178 productions: 74 telenovelas, 24 series, 6 miniseries, 76 telefilms and 2 feature films. Plural’s products have been broadcast in over 25 countries, and production and co- production projects spread over the various continents of the world.

Eight production studios (six in Quinta dos Melos and two in Vialonga), over 8700 m2 of area, recording crews working simultaneously, highly sophisticated technical, video, sound and lighting equipment, audio and video post-production teams are the resources that Plural brings into play. This is a one-off in the Portuguese market and reflects the drive towards systematic modernization and growth of Plural Entertainment.

Nurturing and investing in teams of writers has been crucial in putting together products for the Portuguese television market. The writers pen stories every day that have become big hits with the general public, leading to products that have travelled beyond the Portuguese borders and captured the attention of audiences in over twenty-five countries spread throughout the various continents. Plural’s teams of writers have created the scripts for products that have reached the top of the audience ratings, awards – three nominations for the Emmy International for Telenovela and a win in 2010 with “My Love”.

Able to create original stories, and to adapt worldwide formats into the Portuguese market with success, from television to cinema or advertising, scripts have been constructed for all age-groups and social groups, filmed in the most wide-ranging settings from the beautiful African and Brazilian landscapes to the paradisiacal beauty spots all around Europe.

In our writing teams we have the resources to create and collaborate in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French in international co-productions.