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Plural Entertainment products are market leaders in Portugal and have conquered audiences in the African and east European tv markets. Our Telenovelas have been distributed in Latin America with success. To better know our portfolio, for sale and distributing, please contact our sales department at the following form.

Empresa de Meios Audiovisuais (EMAV), is aimed at managing and maintaining the Plural’s technical resources, as well as serving the external market. The main activity has also included in-house technical services, audiovisual outsourcing partner and/or renting audiovisual equipment to companies outside the Group. Its range of equipment encompasses the whole range of articles needed for audiovisual production: lighting, outside broadcast vans, machinery, video and audio equipment. EMAV has successfully expanded its activity to entertainment, covering and broadcasting live events and sports (such as this year UEFA champions league and Euro Cup). The investment made in training has also been decisive for the excellence of the final product.

You can contact EMAV at following form.

Empresa Portuguesa de Cenários (EPC) build, assembles and dissembles sets for a variety of productions, from telenovelas to talk shows, theatre plays and other events, working with a large variety of clients, inside and outside the Group Plural.

To know what EPC can do for your Project, please contact us by filling the following form.

Plural’s teams are prepared to make your dreams reality. Capable of transforming and idea in to a project, a necessity in to a solution, from the first draft to the final episode. We are open to your ideas and looking for projects to co-produce in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French. For more information please contact us at the following  form.

We create contents. We create stories. Plural Entertainment promotes the creation of projects through our in house teams of writers. Parallel to the ongoing productions we develop contents for a variety of publics and markets: from family and juvenile theme stories, to classic and period dramas. We create original stories and adapt international formats. We write modern and contemporary scripts. To better know our projects, please contact us at the following form.